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Click "DK Index" in the top right frame to move between fragments by DK numbers.  Fragments to compage are often listed by number in the Text Notes; use the DK Index to look at the fragment as well.
If you are looking at all the fragments in a particular category, click "Categories" and then the appropriate link to return to that category's main page.  To change categories, click on any category link, and choose Categories from that page.

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Look up Greek Words at Perseus. Choose "Greek-English Dictionary" under "Resources" (or simply click here).  This will open The Perseus Project in a new window.  Type the word you are looking for in the FIND box.  (Use the key provided for typing Greek words using Latin letters.)  A series of entries will appear; choose the one for which you are looking.  Choose either "LSJ" or "Middle Liddell" to see the dictionary entry.  When you are finished using this tool, simply close the window.

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References:  Names of other authors are linked to an annotated bibliography.  Click on the link, then hit <BACK> after seeing the bibliographic information.

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